What do we want?

This week we went on a demonstration.

The passion and excitement the children displayed on Tuesday with our demonstration about saving the rainforest was incredible. They loved marching around the school with their banners (recycled cardboard) chanting “save our rainforest”. With mega phone in hand I had the pleasure of leading the way to persuade their peers to save the animals habitat and stop using products that contain palm oil. The demonstrated led to some incredible writing at the end of the week using persuasive language and using different sentence types to get their opinions across (question, command, statement, exclamation).  

We had lots of fun over the last two weeks with our science focus after labelling each other with sticky notes to find body parts and using pasta to create the live cycle of a butterfly. We had a great discussion on which group a dinosaur belonged to as some could fly and with recent discoveries some also had feathers.  

We have lots of fun with measurement in maths using rulers for length and height, grams and kilograms for mass and millilitres and litres for capacity. It has been great to have so many practical activities measuring each other and using different types of scales. Unfortunately, the weather has not been kind, but we did manage a couple of lessons outside with the water.  

PSHE we have finished our healthy me term the children came up with so many ways that they could keep healthy at home and school. We used EYFS to practise our road safety with a very kind volunteer from Bears being the car.  

The children have really enjoyed our focus on Judaism and on our last lesson created some fantastic drawings and writing about the 7 days of creation and Shabbat. They have remembered so many details about the rules for the day of rest.