Just Marvellous!

A great start to the Summer term

We have had a great start to this term immersing ourselves into our new theme Marvellous Medicine, learning the incredible stories of Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale by plotting timelines and mind-maps. We have discovered the huge effect their legacy has had on nursing and hospitals today. Last Friday we were lucky to have a nurse visit to talk about how they look after people now and the equipment used for patients. We discovered that they wash their hands, change gloves and aprons, clean down surfaces after each patient and change their uniform every day. This is very different from the conditions that our two heroes found the wounded soldiers in Crimean in 1854. We all decided that we would rather be in a hospital in today then in the past with all the new equipment, bright colourful wards, and comfy beds.  

In English the children impressed me with how quickly they remembered the facts about Mary Seacole and produced some amazing biographies. I always love seeing the drawings children create after they have finished writing.   

In Maths the class have really got to grips with fractions looking at the numerator and denominator. We have cut shapes, drawn chalk bar models, shared counters and made towers from cubes to recognise half, quarters, and thirds. We used our knowledge of division to find 1 half, 1 quarter and 1 third of a number.  

We have enjoyed lots of drama this week, on Tuesday we acted out the biography of Mary Seacole and on Wednesday for RE the children acted the Easter story. RE our focus this term Why is the cross important to Christians? 

In PSHE we have discussed relationships. First, families and that all families are different, we met a very nice alien who lived on a planet that had so many different versions of a family. We moved onto friendship and how we could be a good friend.   

We are really enjoying our book George’s Marvellous medicine finding out all the ingredients that George put in the medicine for his wicked Granny. The children had lots of fun predicting what the medicine would do to Granny.