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Although a short two weeks with the bank holidays and non-pupil day we have still been busy in Dolphins. We have been getting very creative in our art lessons learning new skills with clay and creating some lovely designs. Before the finished pinch pot the children create a mood board, experiment with the clay and paint to decided what they would like their final piece to look like. Some children wanted to make heart shape pots while others concentrated more on the patterns carved into the sides. The children experimented with primary colours learning how to create secondary colours before choosing two or three colours to use on their pot. After the making we encourage the children to evaluate their finish piece deciding what went well and how they could improve or change if they made the pot again. 

In English we have started to create our headlines for George’s Marvellous medicine newspaper report. We have been looking at newspapers and coming up with catchy words using alliteration or rhymes.  

Gigantic Granny seen in the sky. 

She’s head and shoulders above the rest. 

Marvellous medicines strikes again! 

Goodness Gracious Granny on Fire. 

Despite the weather we still managed to enjoy the Coronation afternoon on Friday 5th May. The children wore some fabulous outfits, and it was so lovely to hear them all singing the King’s coronation song. We enjoyed some party snacks afterwards in the classroom.  

In RE we have continued to think about the question why is the cross important to Christians. We have looked at lots of different crosses (crucifix, palm cross, Latin cross) and discussed the importance of Easter and looking at where crosses are used in a Christian church.  

The children had great fun in our computing lessons trying to move the bee-bot from one place on a map to a second location. I challenged them in groups the write the instructions and we had a competition to see which group managed to get the bee-bot to the new location.  

Maths the children have become really secure in their knowledge of fractions. They are all confident shading in equal parts to show 1 quarter, 2 quarters and a half. We all know that the parts have to be equal, and that the numerator shows how many parts are shaded in and the denominator how many parts it is cut into.