Boom Bang Whizz - Granny hits the roof!

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Our roving Dolphin reporters have been investigating and recording the events that surrounded a young boy called George and his marvellous medicine. Over the last two weeks we have been finding out all the facts about Grandma and what happened to her after she drank the marvellous medicine. Microphones were out to find out the facts and feelings directly from George, Grandma and Mr & Mrs Kranky. We even managed to track down their neighbours and interview them. One neighbour called Sophie was shocked and confused when confronted with an old lady shouting from a roof top and seeing eggs the size of footballs. The final newspaper reports were brilliant with headlines, pictures and lots of confident and informative writing.  

What’s the time Mr Wolf has been very helpful with our maths focus over the last few weeks. With clocks in hand the children have used them to show O’clock, half past, quarter to and past and then past and to the hour. A tricky concept telling the time however the children used their counting skills of 5’s and became confident with the minute and hour hands.  

In science we have been locating and naming local plants around the school. Using a plant classification chart, we sorted trees into evergreen or deciduous and grouped plants depending on if they came from seeds or bulbs. We have discovered how seeds germinate and discussed what plants need to grow healthy.  

We had a visit from Atomic Tom which the children really enjoyed. We learnt so much about atoms and how everything is made from millions of tiny atoms. We discussed how reactions happen when different chemicals are mixed and had so much fun making slime. It was very exciting to see a child being moved across the school hall on a hover board.  

Taking inspiration from George and Tom we decided to create our own marvellous medicine however, unlike George we made sure we recorded the ingredients that we used. We also had fun making predictions on mixing different ingredients together creating some mess and enjoyment.