A great start for the new dolphins

A great start

What a fantastic start to our first term in Dolphin class!!! 

The children are settling in well and becoming familiar with the learning expectations in our class. 

During our second week the children were excited to find out a superhero had put a fire out on the playground, and they even came in to meet us. The children had lots of great questions to ask Red Ranger. The information was than gathered to create a recount and the children worked really hard to write their sentences with capital letters and full stops. 

In Science the children discovered that exercise makes your heartbeat faster and what foods should only be eaten occasionally (sadly we decided chocolate was one of these). We used glitter to show how germs spread if we don't wash our hands and created sunrises and sunsets discussing why it gets darker earlier in winter. 

Over last few weeks we have spent lots of time discussing the seasons and the different weather. We have become meteorologist by keeping a daily weather diary for Braintree and Glasgow. 

In Geography there has been lots of map reading and drawing. We have used Google earth and aerial photographs to find each child’s route to school. The children found lots of symbols on the maps and were very quick to spot McDonald’s. 

Superhero day was a great success with lots of fantastic costumes. The superheroes made lots of rescues finding all the lost animals taken by evil pea and taking on evil villains in our PE lesson.

In PSHE we have had lots of discussions about our rights and responsibilities and decided the rules of our classroom. We then showed Jigsaw Gem how to follow these rules.