End of term

Let it rise!

Another busy few weeks in Dolphins class leading up to the Christmas break. The children especially enjoyed our design and technology lessons on creating a new healthy flavoured bread. After trying different types of bread and evaluating their texture, flavour, and appearance the children tried over 10 flavours to find the perfect two. After the first bread making session, the children could evaluate their own bread and their friends to discuss and take on feedback on how to improve their own bread in the final baking session. The bakery was a great success and we really enjoyed having so many turn up to evaluate the final product. 

In art the children were very creative with their collage pictures using layering technique to create the flames of the Great Fire and then a black silhouette to represent the Tudor houses and St Paul’s Cathedral.  

Using our DT lessons, we focused on writing instructions in English. We discussed imperative verbs and time connectives. After sequencing photos of making bread, the children then completed a great set of instructions to include features found with instructions (heading, numbers).  

In Maths the children have enjoyed discussing the difference between 2 D and 3 D shapes. They enjoyed using 3 D shapes to build towers and used white board pens to mark off the faces and edges. It was quite tricky to draw shapes using rulers, but the children worked hard and even attempted an octogen.  

We had great fun running with Rudolf to raise money for local hospice, despite a few slides here and there we completed at least 5 laps with some running 10.  

Christmas dinner was a fantastic success, and we even had a visit from Father Christmas and his jolly elf.