Come fly with me

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A short term but a very busy term. The children have loved our aviation theme embracing the history of flight. We have discovered so much about the Wright Brothers and how flight changed our lives. We even got to fly in a rocket and land on the moon, we were inspired by Neil Armstrong's speech when he first stepped on the moon. I was particular impressed by "One small step for girls and one giant leap for girl kind". 

We had a great afternoon for Science week with year 5's coming into our class to demonstrate and teach lots of different experiences. There were lots of hands-on experiments some a little messier than others. 

Our fun science experiments continued in class with 5 tasks each designed to test our senses. The children had to guess the scent, find the sound, guide a partner with their eyes closed, find the salt from sugar and create a sensory board of different materials. 

World book day was a fantastic day with some incredible adjectives coming into the Dolphins class. I had the impossible task of choosing two winners for best adjective from a fantastic bunch. 

Lots of measuring this term in maths using scales to find out how much objects weight. We then got splashed with volume and capacity using water to find out how much a container can hold and how to describe the different amounts in cups from full, empty to half full. 

The quality of writing in Dolphins class has taken a huge step forward this term, the alien stories produced by the children were amazing. We had pretty, kind aliens living on Pluto being rescued by Jon Cena and spaceships crashing into the hottest, brightest stars because they had run out of fuel. Our love of reading has been encouraged by all the brilliant alien books in class we have shared together.