It's been all about eggs this week!!

Another lovely week in the elephants class! 

We have been continuing with 'George's marvellous medicine'. This week writing a character description of George. The children have worked hard on similes and adverbs and have tried to get these into their descriptions. Great job done by all!

In maths, we have been looking at subtraction and different ways in which we can work subtraction problems out. We started looking at column subtraction where we have to knock next door to borrow a ten. They had a good go at these and any practise of these at home would be great to consolidate the children's learning.

In science, we have been doing lots of eggy experiments still thinking about predictions, fair testing and conclusions. The children had great fun squeezing eggs to see if they could break them....only Abraham and Ruby had super human strength and managed to do it. You shouldn't be able to do it due to the shape of the egg...even though eggs are very delicate the shape of them means that they are very hard to squeeze and break.

Vinnie had a go at bouncing an egg, and we discovered that of course you can't bounce it ....

...however we have heard that you can make an egg bounce if you put it in vinegar for a few days... so Nathaniel did this for us...

We now have one in a jar and will investigate if this is true next week!

Our third experiment was to see if we could tell if an egg was raw or hard-boiled…  There were some great ideas...the colour of it, the cooked one might have got bigger or heavier, the sound of it if you shake it...


What you can actually do is spin the 2 eggs and watch what happens. Ask the children to explain what is happening!

We had some 'Time to draw' this week too... this time drawing keys... they are getting good at this !! Listening well and concentrating on what they are doing. Great stuff guys!