Fun with art!

We had some great news this week that we were able to move the tables back into groups...It was so lovely to see the children working so well together and enjoying being back in table groups.

We actually resemble a proper classroom again!! Hurrah!!


In maths, we have been looking at telling the time. O clock and half past...the children have been fab at getting the hang of it, some even able to do quarter past and quarter to... we are moving onto this in more detail next week. 

In literacy, we have been looking at poetry. Ask the children if they can explain what rhyming, onomatopoeia and alliteration are!! Wow!! They came up with some fantastic ideas ...we wrote a class poem all together. Next week they will be having a go at writing their own poetry. Wish us luck! Poetry is tricky!

We have been experimenting with colour and shape this week! We have looked at Gillian Ayres artwork ...she uses bold colour and shape and paints how she feels. She often paints on the floor so we gave it a go (not painting!) using felt tip pens to create pictures in a similar style to hers.

On Thursday we used watercolour paint to mix our own colours and painted over the top of some black and white versions of her paintings.

Friday we moved onto using pastels....we drew shapes on paper and then used watercolour paints to create a wash over the top noticing that the watercolours didn't mix with the pastels.


What super little artists they all are!!