About TIME!!

Another busy week here in the Elephants class!

All about time in maths this week...The children have been doing a great job continuing with their work on time! Moving on to quarter past and quarter to and working in 5 minute intervals and duration of time! Ask them what the time is and see if they can tell you!

We finished reading 'George's marvellous medicine' in reading skills and have moved onto 'The Twits' another Roald Dahl favourite. The children are loving listening to their disgusting behaviour!

Poetry writing this week focussed on rhyming words and writing in the style of 'Dirty Beasts' poems written by Roald Dahl. Such great work by all. Check out some of the children's poems below...

Another Arty week... This time thinking about primary and secondary colours. We have already done some work on these earlier in the year. The children used watercolour paints, primary colours red, yellow and blue and then let them bleed into each other to create the secondary colours green, purple, orange. They then did some colour mixing of the 3 primary colours to create swirls and patterns. 

Some more 'Time to draw' sticking with the animals and not being able to see what your pencil is doing on the paper! It's so tricky!

Our Elephants are also very active outside and LOVE PE.  This half term they have been practising the different activities for sports day and also learning some basic tennis skills...can you spot any future Wimbledon champs below...?


One more week to go, and they all get a well-earned rest!!