Welcome back Elephants!

We hope you all have had a wonderful summer...

Welcome back to the lovely little elephants! Well done to them all for coming in so brilliantly and being so keen and eager to start the year!

We have had a great couple of days getting to know them all over again and settling back into routine.

The children enjoyed sharing their holiday news with their friends and then writing about it, concentrating on basic sentence structure and presentation.

We have done some recap on basic addition and subtraction as well as recapping phonics and getting ready to start on phase 6 of the phonic program.

All children have been given a reading book to enjoy at home. We have Rosie the reading caterpillar in our class....the idea is that every time the children finish a book they move up on the caterpillar and gain treats every time they have read 5 books (7 books to start with!) We hope this will be an incentive to want to read in class and at home.

Our topic will begin next week 'Super Me' and we have lots of fun things planned for the children to enjoy. 

If you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to have  a quick word at the door or drop either of us an email.

Here they all are hard ar work!!