Simply Super!

We have  had a super week here in the Elephants class!

On Monday we all looked super dressed as superheroes. Wow! They all looked great!

This inspired the children to create their own superhero and then write a fact file about them. The focus was on using exciting adjectives and they all did such a great job.

Recapping in maths again and some work on inequality symbols (the crocodile always eats the bigger number!) and related facts and number bonds....

This weeks foundation subject focus was DT. The children began by tasting different fruits and then choosing 3 fruits that they would use in their smoothie. They were working in small groups so it needed to be discussed and decided upon as a whole group. The fun part was then making and tasting the smoothie. They looked delicious!



Amazing progress in TT Rock stars! The children are really improving their scores and moving up the Rock star board. Tables that they are focussing on first are 10s and then once at the top of the leader board they then move onto 2s. Remember they can practice these at home by logging into TT rock stars and their login details are in the front of their reading diaries.

To finish the week off we also looked at the bread experiment....a couple of weeks ago we did an experiment involving 3 pieces of was the control piece and was not touched...the second was handled by everyone in the class and the third handled by everyone once we had all washed hands with soap. Here are the results. As you can see the most revolting looking one was the one handled by unwashed hands!


This was a great talking point for the importance of washing hands properly.

We hope everyone has a great weekend. See you next week!