Autumn Days!

We have been busy preparing for our Harvest Festival this week. 

We have been singing and writing acrostic poems and doing a bit more singing!

They have all done a fab job! 

Harvest festival is next week and KS1 parents are invited in to watch on Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm. Unfortunately only one adult per child and no younger siblings. If a parent or guardian is unable to attend then of course you are welcome to send another adult in your place as long as there is only one per child. We hope to see you there!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the poems that will be read out....


In literacy this week the children have been busy retelling a story. We looked at and discussed a story mountain and plotted a story onto one. The children then changed and added key adjectives and story language to make it more exciting and then retold it in their own words. This is in preparation for next week when they will begin to make up and write their own story.

Maths we have looked at 10s and 1s and using number bonds to help with addition. We also looked at column addition (adding a 1 digit number to a 2 digit number) This method is not always easy to understand at first but a great first go!

Our foundation subject focus this week has been geography and we have looked at the United Kingdom and the 4 countries and capital cities that make up the UK. We looked closely at Google Earth which is a fantastic resource and located Braintree and Beckers Green school. We talked about what makes a place a village, town or city and then looked closely at a map of Braintree and what features we could see to show that Braintree is a town. The children loved getting the highlighters out...!!

In RE we talked about the Jewish Festival of Sukkot. The festival is celebrated by building a Sukkah, which is a temporary hut that is used during the festival. The children had a go at building their own out of bricks/lego/shapes. Great job!