Money, money, money!

Another busy week here in Elephants class.

This week in maths has been all about money.... recognising coins, pounds and pence, adding coins and notes together to work out how many pounds and how many pence. Money can be tricky to grasp, but we've had a go at it!!

We have been newspaper reporters again this week and in literacy have written a newspaper report about  the Great Fire of London. Focus has been on writing in the past tense. What a fantastic job they have done.... They have been tea stained and singed to create a fabulous display.....

Foundation subject focus this week has been geography and we have compared London in 1666 to London now. We used old maps and new maps and located key points relating to the Great Fire of London. We also looked at the River Thames and the important role it played during the Great Fire.

A homework ping was sent out last week and thank you to those who have already sent in homework. Great job, thank you!