Elephants get Jammy!

Busy! Busy! Busy!

More fun had this week.....in the form of making jam sandwiches!

The children have been looking at instructions in literacy, thinking about what a good instruction needs to include. The focus being on imperative verbs which are the bossy verbs at the start of an instruction, (put, cut, spread, eat). They looked at how to make a jam sandwich and then made sandwiches following the instructions, before then writing their own set.

Foundation subject focus this week has been DT recapping about healthy foods and where foods come from. This is all in preparation for next week when the children will be following some instructions to bake some bread. Again they will then follow this with writing their own set of instructions on how to bake bread.

In maths, we have finished off our learning about money, looking at 2-step problems and more adding pounds and pence. They have all got a good grasp of this now.

We also talked about climate change and what this means and what we can do to help. Ks1 have been working together to create a display in the KS1 corridor as  we are entering a 'Climate change challenge' alongside other local schools. We have had to create something to do with climate change. I will post pictures next week once it is all up on the wall.

For now here is a sneak peek at the children hard at work.