Super scientists...

This week our foundation subject focus has been on materials and the children have been super scientists!

We have looked at different types of materials and their properties and what the materials are used for and why. The children already had a fantastic knowledge of materials, so they did a great job!

This week has been assessment week, and they have sat 3 maths papers and 2 reading papers. Once again a great job done...they were all very sensible and got on and got the job done!

Christmas has arrived at Beckers Green and each day in the lead up to Christmas we are sending out a song recorded by each class... Keep an eye out for the Elephants class contribution and the KS1 singing. It's a real treat! Go to school website and click on 'news and events' and then onto '12 days of Christmas'

Today was non-uniform in return for bringing in raffle prizes. Thank you to everyone. Raffle tickets are on sale now for the Christmas raffle, Don't forget to get yours!

Christmas dinner is on Thursday 16th December. Don't forget to pre-book it via ping. Children are also welcome to wear Christmas jumpers on this day.

Have a happy weekend!!