Perfect Poetry...

Perfect poets practice poetry....

The literacy focus this past 2 weeks has been poetry. Last week the children looked at what a poem was and different types of poem. We looked at footage of fireworks and on Monday the children wrote a senses poem about fireworks trying to get expanded noun phrases into their poems.This week we looked at alliteration in more detail. Mrs Ward and Miss Brown then took them to the copse where they had a fire with hot chocolate and biscuits. The aim of this was to gather vocabulary for them to write a senses poem about fire. On Friday the children had a go at writing their own poem using alliteration and expanded noun phrases.

In maths the focus has been on multiplication....starting with making equal groups, then adding equal groups, then making arrays and finally multiplication as repeated addition. Overall a good grasp of multiplication.

Keep up with the TT Rockstars practice at home...the children are doing so well with quite a few now moved onto 2 times tables and even a few now on 5 times tables. All children have had made excellent progress with this. 

We finished off our science this week with children focussing on properties of materials and sorting objects into groups according to what properties they have.


A bonus making lesson this week too where the children made their very own Christingle...see if they can tell you all about the meaning of a Christingle and what each part represents.

Please keep reading regularly. Once again children are steadily moving up Rosie the reading caterpillar and they are having excellent results on accelerated reader quizzes!

Happy weekend!!!