The start of our new topic!!

An exciting week this week finding out what our new topic was, Paddington Bear.

We kick started in literacy by making marmalade sandwiches and then writing instructions for how to make them. The children had to remember to use time connectives and imperative verbs in their instructions. Some excellent work!

In Geography we have been looking at Geographical features of Peru (where Paddington comes from). We looked at where Peru is in the world, the continent, the nearest ocean, neighbouring countries and have begun to explore particular features of Peru. We have been making comparisons with London.


In maths we began the week looking at missing number problems and have moved onto shape. Naming 2D and 3D shapes, looking at and counting how many sides they have.

Keep up the TT rock stars at home.....we have a few children who have moved onto 2x tables.... Fantastic stuff!! 

Please continue to read regularly with your children at home, this makes a huge difference to their reading progress.

Please drop us an email or catch one of us at the door if you have any queries or questions.