Weekly update...

I hope everyone is well .... we have made it to the end of week 4!! Well done and thank you! Once again a great week with some lovely work being sent in. Live sessions have been going well with so many children attending...so nice to see them all.

Live Sessions next week are:

Monday to Friday every morning at 9am.

Monday 1pm RE.

Wednesday 2.30pm Wellbeing workshop with Mrs Hanlon.

Thursday 1pm History.


DB Rewards and Leader board

It has been really nice to hear that the DB rewards give so many children an incentive to work and to come along to the live sessions. Hopefully this makes life a little easier for all you parents....?! Depending on what device you are working on DB can look slightly different so you may see all of the rewards your child has had since starting school or you may only see those from this year. The leader board however, has been set to only take into account those rewards awarded this term since Christmas. It has all been done fairly with Mrs Hanlon keeping track of who and what has been awarded. As there have been so many positive comments regarding the rewards and leader board we thought we should probably make it clear how children can gain rewards. So going forward :

10 point reward for each LIVE session attended

10 point reward for each subject/activity undertaken on the weekly timetable (maths/literacy/phonics/science/history/music/reading skills) Once pictures of work have been sent in

Extra rewards given for any extra challenges  stated on the timetable (for example this coming week the RSPB Bird watch)

Extra points for videos of children reading, that have been sent in to be added for story time session at the end of the day

Children who attend school all day will be awarded 40 points for each day .

I hope this all makes sense and perhaps gives a little incentive to the children if they need it.

Please remember if we don't see a child on at least one LIVE session a week then we will need to give you a call to check in and say Hello. Once again any problems, questions or queries please drop us an email or send us a message via TEAMS chat. We are here to help!!

Have a great weekend! 

Miss Healy and Mrs Ward