Another great week...

I hope everyone is well ...we made it through yet another week of home schooling and the good news is we have one more week and then a week off!! What a nice thought!

Once again thank you so much for all the support and feedback that we have been getting. It's great to see all of the work being uploaded and sent through to's good to see the children are engaging with it and enjoying what we are setting. 

Screen free day:

On Thursday next week it is a screen free day so there will be no teaching videos and no LIVE lessons. There will be activities saved in the files if you want to print them or look at them earlier than Thursday. The activities can also be found on the weekly timetable. So they still have a maths, literacy/topic lesson, a phonic activity and some afternoon history but the idea is it can be done without looking at a screen.

LIVE lessons next week:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9 am

Monday 1 pm Internet safety

Wednesday 2 pm Elephants got Talent.

Internet safety Day:

It is Internet safety day on Tuesday 9th February. Mrs ward will be hosting a LIVE lesson at 1pm on Monday afternoon talking to the children about Internet safety. As a school we obviously feel very strongly about this and so would very much like to see as many children as possible at the LIVE session on Monday. Mrs ward will give the children an extra task to complete for the week which will come with bonus reward points upon completion.

Teddy' limpics:

A fun PE based activity that Miss Brown has set up. You will find a folder in next weeks files section called Teddy' here the children can watch a video from Boogie Bear and there are instructions for the children to follow. If you send me your child's results then I can put them on the spreadsheet and we can have a winner at the end of the week. All a bit of fun and bonus rewards for all who take part.

Elephants Got Talent:

Mrs Hanlon thought it would be fun to host our very own EGT....Elephants Got Talent. On Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm we invite all children to perform something of their choice on the LIVE session. Time limit of 5 minutes per person and of course it will need to be something that is online that we can see and hear what they are doing...jokes/music/singing...whatever they fancy. If your child doesn't want to perform it would still be lovely if they could attend and be part of the audience. It would probably be helpful if you could let us know prior to Wednesday who would like to perform we can gauge numbers/timing etc.

Any problems/questions/queries please email or send a message via TEAMS....

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...they say snow may be on it's way...Enjoy! 

Miss Healy and Mrs ward