Viking Day

Flamingos have had a brilliant day taking part in Viking-themed activities.

There was a lot of excitement as the Flamingos arrived at school today looking fantastic in their Viking outfits. To begin their learning about the Vikings, we spent the day taking part in different activities. They began by visiting the Hippos' classroom to try foods that the Vikings would have eaten. The berries and porridge were a great success. They were not so keen on the vegetable soup!

After the break, we made Viking longships from a milk carton. The children worked in pairs to paint and design shields for their ships. Many of the children have said this was their favourite activity. 

This afternoon, they took part in some Viking PE which involved protecting their longship whilst collecting treasure. It sounded like great fun, and they all came back with big smiles on their faces.

The children have been brilliantly behaved today and I hope they enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Autumn Poetry

The Flamingos have been working hard in their writing lessons over the past few weeks to create some autumn poetry. We began by visiting the copse so that the children could really get a sense of autumn time. 

The poetry they have written is brilliant, and they have really captured the season with their amazing descriptions of what they saw, smelt, felt and heard.