Litter lETTERS

Flamingos have been looking at the impact of litter on our local area.

After being shown photos of the amount of litter in our local area, particularly by the River Blackwater. We decided to write persuasive letters to Braintree District Council to inform them of the problem and suggest ways in which it could be solved.

The children learnt different ways to write to persuade, which included using emotive language, facts and opinions and lists with commas. They have been extremely enthusiastic about their writing and produced some amazing letters. 

I was impressed by sentences such as 'The more litter that is dropped, the more the environment suffers.'

The children were excited to be allowed to use Beckers Green headed writing paper to publish their letters, and took great care with their handwriting and spelling to ensure they were of a high enough standard to be sent to the council. At this time we are awaiting a reply.

I am sure the children will be using their powers of persuasion at home too!