This afternoon we had a visit from Safety Seymour to learn all about carbon monoxide and its dangers.

We had a fantastic afternoon learning all about carbon monoxide. The children watched videos, took part in different activities to teach them what carbon monoxide is, why it can be dangerous and what to do if an appliance is faulty and maybe giving off carbon monoxide. They have learnt to turn the appliance off, open windows and doors and to go outside. They also know the phone number of an emergency gas engineer. I am sure they will be able to tell you the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning as they enjoyed acting out being dizzy and sick! This was all presented to them with lots of games and actions to help them remember. 

Each child should have come home with a goody bag which included a carbon monoxide detector to help you keep your homes safe.

The children were brilliantly behaved, and it was a fun and informative afternoon.