Flamingos had a brilliant day in Maldon exploring the estuary, playing and eating chips and icecream!

Fortunately, the weather kept dry and although a little chilly in the wind, this did not stop us from making the most of our day.


Our trip to Maldon was a fantastic way to end our topic where we learnt all about rivers, coasts and mountains. The children were able to identify the different features of an estuary and see first hand how the different local rivers converge to flow into the sea. They were also able to see how the land around the estuary is used for industry and leisure. 

Alongside showing off their geographical knowledge, the children also had the chance to play in the adventure playground, explore the maze and sandpits in the park. They all enjoyed a delicious lunch of chips and ice cream and managed to eat it all before the seagulls!.

The children were all brilliantly behaved, and it was a great opportunity for them to consolidate their knowledge of rivers as well as having time to spend with their friends. I hope the children enjoyed their day as much as I did.