Art Day

Flamingos had a busy day creating a summer-themed tableau out of clay.

The children began the day by looking at clay from other cultures. They used these images for inspiration as they began to consider their artwork. They did this by creating a moodboard. Next, they had some time to experiment with the clay, practising how to make slip to creat a join, making coils and creating a texture using different tools.

The children then spent time thinking about the design they wanted to create for their final piece. They made a few designs and then selected the one they thought would be most suitable. 

The afternoon was spent creating their tableau which had a summer theme. We had suns, ice creams, beaches and other interpretations of a summer's day. The children were able to think back to their summer poetry during the day, which helped them make choices for their designs. 

The finished artwork was excellent, and the children will take it home in a few weeks' time.