Firework Poetry

Start of a new half-term

Welcome back to school after the October half-term.  We hope you have all enjoyed your time away from school and managed to avoid the rain! 

We have started to look at poetry this week and as it is Bonfire Night at the end of the week we have been looking at poetry linked to fireworks. This also links to our class reading skills book which is 'The Firework-Maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman.

Today we enjoyed reading lots of different poems and expressing our views on them. We were all quite surprised that not all poems have to rhyme and that they didn't have to follow the normal rules of punctuation! Or that poems can just be a series of well-chosen words that convey meaning to the reader. 

We particularly enjoyed the poems that told stories or that were written in different shapes. 

Why don't you read some of the firework poems we read (you can find them as attachments below) and see which is your favourite or whether there are any you dislike?