Viking day

Hippos enjoyed a well-deserved break from assessment week on Wednesday when they dressed up as Vikings.

The children took part in a range of activities to explore what life was like as a Viking. First, they had great fun designing their own Viking shields and making Viking longships out of milk cartons. They looked fantastic! They also studied Viking artefacts and explored what they were used for.

Next, they thoroughly enjoyed playing ‘Sink the ship’ in Viking PE, attacking other ships and capturing their peers. They showed great team work and loved taking on the role of victorious Vikings!

After lunch, the children were very excited to carry out some Viking food tasting. They enjoyed sampling berries, porridge with honey and vegetable soup. They also had a go at decoding runes to learn about the gods and goddesses the Vikings believed in. Finally, they discovered Viking place names around the UK and used their geography skills to locate them on a map. They found this very interesting.

Overall, we had a wonderful day!