Learning about Journeys

Today we had a visitor in class and explored the differences between journeys now and at the time of the original nativity story.

Sheena came to talk to us today about the differences between travel now and travel at the time of the first nativity story. 

She brought with her a very old suitcase, a donkey and a very mischievous camel! We started off by exploring the differences between her old suitcase and modern suitcases which led us onto thinking about how journeys nowadays are so much easier than they used to be.

We discovered that:

- we have maps and when they are on smart devices they are really easy to use

- we have methods of transport not available back then such as aeroplanes, trains and cars

- luggage has changed; a carpenter back then would have used a donkey to carry his tools whereas carpenters nowadays use vans

- food would have been difficult to obtain, there definitely wouldn't have been a McDonald's on every corner!

- the food they did have would have looked different to what we are used to as Israel is a much hotter and drier place than the UK

- journeys would have taken a lot longer back then