The River Blackwater

Our trip to the River Blackwater

This afternoon we went to the River Blackwater as part of our geography topic. We walked the 1.5 miles from school to the river in the glorious sunshine and when we arrived we had spotter sheets to look for different geographical features. 

We saw meanders, waterfalls, bridges, runoff areas, and river banks.  Then we looked around the area to see what else we could see such as; houses, footpaths, trees, fields, bins and other people using the area. We also had a quick game of Pooh Sticks, a must at any river bridge! 

When we got back to school we thought about adjectives that could be used to describe the river which we are going to use to write our own Haiku poems later in the week.

Our ideas: sunshine, beautiful, trickling, reflection, majestic, magical, noisy, muddy and splashing. We looked at the number of syllables in each word and then have added these to our Working Wall.