This half-term we have been looking at coding during our ICT lessons.

What is coding in simple terms for kids?

Coding for kids is the set of instructions we create to communicate with computers. Through coding we're able to make computers perform tasks.

We have been using the interactive playground on Turtle Academy and using it to learn how to code. 

We have looked at the following instructions:

fd 100 (move forward 100)

bk 100 (move backwards 100)

cs (clear screen)

rt 90 (right turn 90 degrees)

lt 90 (left turn 90 degrees)

We have used these different codes to move the turtle, draw simple shapes and last week we looked at drawing letters by writing simple codes that made the turtle move in a specific set of directions to create the letters of our names. We also looked at changing the numbers of degrees our turtle turns or how far it travels.

If you fancy having a go at coding at home try the website below. If you draw something on Turtle Academy using coding at home, print a picture of it and bring it into school.