Our Design and Technology topic last half-term was 'Design and make a bread-based product'.

We started off by investigating different types of bread-based products on the market; who knew there were so many types of bread and dough based products!


We also looked at what a healthy meal should consist of and the different components such as proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, dairy products and oils. 

Then our next lesson was lots of fun! We got to try lots of different types of breads and sandwich fillings as the analysis of existing products part of our topic. Some of us were very brave and tried things we had never tried before! At the end of this lesson we made decisions about what our sandwich would be made from.

Lesson 3 was designing our sandwiches;

Cassie's design...

Lesson 4 was writing the set of instructions that someone else would need if they wanted to recreate our sandwich by themselves, and we would be able to follow these instructions in the next lesson which was the 'making' lesson!

We all had great fun making our sandwiches on the morning of the Jubilee celebrations in order to be able to share them with the guests we had written to last week. 

The final lesson of the topic was eating our sandwiches with our guests and evaluating them - did they look like we imagined them to? Did it taste as we had planned it to? Would we make the product again?