rIVER Writing

We have been writing all about the process of a river. 

Hippo Class have been producing an explanation of the processes involved in a river. We have learnt about rivers in geography lessons. The terminology we are able to use may have mistaking us for geography graduates! We know all about the start of the river - the source and additional tributaries that can come and join, making it wider. We are also aware of the process involved in the creation of an oxbow lake before the river meanders to the mouth on the final leg of its journey. 

Like all good writers, we have looked at a good one, practised our grammar skills and then created our own. Just like J.K Rowling, we have also redrafted sections to try and make it the best it can be. 

The children have really focused on making clear explanations which use a range of sentence types: simple, compound and complex. 'When' seems to be our new favourite subordinating conjunction. Have a look at our examples and see if you can find any other subordinating conjunctions.