How to survive a lockdown

That is the question we have tried to answer this week.

We have been looking at instructional writing and practising our skills on guides to  avoid being eaten by a lion and how to hypnotise a shark. This is because next week we need to write a how-to guide to being a Roman. At the end of the week, the children wrote a How to Survive Lockdown Guide. They were full of useful advice. Here are some examples.

Jayden's Guide


How would you survive lockdown? Would you let it break you? Would you think negatively to make it harder? Or remain positive to get through it with a smile on your face? Unquestionably it cannot be that tough… Here is some instruction to guide you through lockdown and help save lives.  

You will need: 

  • A strong mindset. 

  • A smart phone or tablet. 

  • A human powered bicycle. 

  • Self-made gym. 

  • Interesting games. 

  • Stock up on Delicious food. 

  • High tech laptop. 

  • Visit a loving family member. 

  • Take your playful dog for a walk (if you have one). 

  • Make sure you get fresh air regularly. 

My guide which includes adverbs, adjectives, adverbials, and conjunctions 

  • Undoubtably, you will need a strong mindset to remain positive and happy, since this will keep you smiling.  

  • In the evenings, use a smart phone or tablet with the latest features to keep in touch with family and friends via facetime or zoom. Because staying in contact with family and friends is very important for your mental health during these isolated times. 

  • Every morning, use a human powered bicycle to go on daily rides, as this will keep you motivated and get you started for the day ahead. 

  • Maybe, create a self-made gym around the house if possible. If you can keep fit and active you will not gain weight or become unfit. 

  • Every now and again, play interesting games to keep your mind occupied, after this you should feel that this has helped to keep the mind stimulated. 

  • Always, stock up on Delicious food to remain healthy and satisfied. Because without food and going hungry will lower your energy levels and mood. 

  • Obviously, have a high-tech laptop to do home schooling or work from home, as it goes without saying keeping up to date with your education is very important. 

  • Once in a while, visit a loving family member in an outside space, maybe a park or field, however always remembering to keep 2 meters apart. 

  • Frequently, take your playful dog for a walk (if you have one). Bearing in mind, since this will help him burn off all that built up energy. 

  • Unquestionably, make sure you get fresh air regularly, this could be just in the garden, as it will always make you feel better. 



Have you ever wondered... how do I survive this lockdown? What do I need to do? If you have, do not worry. This helpful guide will tell you how to keep busy during lockdown.

You will need:

  • A stock up on delicious food
  • A large garden
  • An enthusiastic sense of humor
  • And something interesting (such as an exciting console)


  1. What you need to do, is, quickly grab your stock of food and obviously prepare to eat quite a lot of food during boring lockdown.
  2. Do you know, you will definitely need the large garden every day for daily exercise?
  3. Now you have completed that, if you have an interesting sense of humor, you can use this to make videos then watch them back for a laugh.
  4. If you do not want to do that, you can perform in front of people to make them laugh.
  5. After that, you can set up your console, as this will keep you busy for a while.
  6. Lastly, because you set up your console (in the earlier step) you can play on it!




How To Survive In Lock Down 

Have You Ever Wondered How To Survive In Lockdown? Fancy Living In A Coronavirus Free Place? Surely It Cant Be That Hard…Can it? To Make Sure Your Ok, Read On To See How To Survive In Lockdown! 

Thing You Will Need 

.   A Soft Face Mask  

.  This Safety Guide! 

.  A Nice Home (Obviously) 

.  Refreshing Food And Water ( To Survive) 

. Effective Hand Sanitizer ( Lots Of It)  

. Fresh Air And Exercise 


Step 1. Firstly, Always Stay Positive. This Will Help You Get Through Things, As Things Our Tough Here In The UK. 

Step 2. Secondly, Definitely Get Exercise And Fresh Air Every Day. This Will Help You Keep Fit And Healthy! (Plus You Will Get Loads Of Muscles To!) 

Step 3. Even though Your In Lockdown, Every Morning, Once Your Up, Make Sure You Make Your Bed, Get Washed, Get Dressed And Do Your Hair And Teeth! Just Because Your In Lockdown Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Look After Yourself! 

Step 4. Always Help Others! Especially Your Grandparents. For Example, If You See You Grandma (Or Your Granddad) Having Trouble With The Shopping, Help Them Out. Ask Them If They Have Any Shopping Daily. And When Your Done, Put The Shopping Near The Door And Knock. 

Step 5. When You Do Go Out For Essentials, Always Make Sure You Were A Mask And Before You Enter The Shop, Squirt Hand Sanitizer On Your Hands And Rub It Together PROPERLY! Under 5% Of People Wash Their Hand Properly! Although Due To The Pandemic, Lots Of People Have Washed There Hands A lot! 

Step 6. Last But Not Least, Keep Your Distance Around Other People. This Will Prevent You From Capturing The Virus. Since Most People Cant Predict What Two Metres Apart, They Just Order There Shopping Online! 


So Now You Know How To Stay Safe From Coronavirus! A Few Last Words, Stay Home, Protect The NHS, Save Lives!