Crime and PUnishment

What an incredible term we had in Kangaroos Class! We most definitely have not allowed Covid to interfere with the potential learning and progress available within school. 

I would like to personally congratulate and thank all of the class for an excellent Autumn term and for the attitude that each child has shown towards learning, I strongly believe the children have given 100% in everything they have put their mind to!

Our topic was 'Crime and Punishment' last term and we looked at how crime and punishment has changed throughout British history. We first looked at Anglo Saxon Britain and we wrote a persuasive speech, pleading our innocence for a crime we had been accused of. After this, we moved on to look at the times surrounding Tudor Britain and we wrote a series of diary entries from the viewpoint of Guy Fawkes after his capture. Following on from this, we looked at Victorian Britain and the huge divide between the rich and the poor classes. After watching 'Oliver' we wrote a news report about the death of Nancy focusing on the change in formality between the speakers. Finally, we focused on modern day crime and punishment and how it has changed due to technology and then wrote a comparative text, looking at the similarities and differences of the crime and punishment throughout British history and provided insight on how punishment has moved from a focus on deterring the criminals to reforming them.

I am already looking forward to this term where our topic is Ancient Egypt. I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and is ready for another excellent term.

Mr Butler