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  • 09/11/23

    Pupil Parliament

    The results are in.....
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  • 16/10/23

    Care home visit

    A wonderful morning at the care home 
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  • 02/03/23

    world book day

    A lovely day
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  • 28/02/23

    Care home Visit and surprise readers in Key Stage 1

    Quick update on recent activity in school
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  • 28/11/22

    Reading at Beckers

    Book advent calendar 
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  • 15/11/22

    Remembrance Service

    Service at Braintree Public garden
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  • 19/10/22

    Black History month

    Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman
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  • 09/09/22

    In memory of Queen Elizabeth II

    Our special assembly
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  • 08/06/22

    Sports Day Cancelled today

    Beautiful Summer weather causes disruption again!
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  • 18/05/22

    Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

    Thursday 26th May at 1.50pm
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  • 05/10/21


    Phone now to book a school tour with the headteacher
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  • 05/03/21

    World Book Day answers

    The eagerly awaited answers to who was reading the book blurbs on yesterday's video
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